Holiday Decorations

Ho, Ho, Ho and mistletoe, the holly and the ivy, the time has come to cook the cake and decorate the halls. In the dark cold days of winter the holidays bring us color and delight, and some avoidable risks. Let’s look at a few:

  1. Holiday greens: Many of our favorite evergreens can cause problems if consumed. Mistletoe is the most toxic. Poinsettias contain a sap, which causes irritation in the mouth and throat causing drooling and stomach upset. Most other greens can upset the stomach.
  2. Tinsel, ribbons and popcorn strings: Cats love to play with strings, but eating them can be lethal. Any string-like material can get lodged in the intestinal tract and cause severe problems requiring surgery. Popcorn strings are particularly tempting to dogs so keep them out of pet areas.
  3. Food presents: Dogs and Cats have a sense of smell that is 40-100 times more sensitive than ours. They can smell that wrapped up box of chocolate, or that basket of cheese and sausage despite the cellophane. These treats can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other problems. Keep food presents out of dog and cat reach.
  4. Garbage: Don’t forget that after the presents are unwrapped, the ribbons are lying around, and the turkey is eaten, the bones and grease are in the pans and garbage. Dogs are notorious for getting into the garbage cans. Cats can jump up on the counter. So lastly, watch for the leftovers when the excitement of Christmas morning is over.
  5. We’re here for you! If an emergency should arise, we’re here for you. Please don’t hesitate to call if you suspect any problems with your pet!

Have a wonderful, and safe Holiday.
From your Friends at State Street Animal Hospital PC