The State Street Animal Hospital, PC is a full service veterinary care facility in Batavia, NY. 

Our hospital offers comprehensive medical and surgical services.

We work in partnership with our clients to provide excellent preventive care. We want to keep your pet healthy. There are many dangerous and costly medical problems we can help you avoid.

Along this line, we include dental exams as part of every physical exam. We perform dental cleaning and prophylaxis when indicated.

When problems do arise we are here for you, offering emergency coverage for current clients, medical workups including laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound exams, and surgical intervention where needed.

Our goal: to provide compassionate and professional care for our patients and clients.


Our Team (left to right) – Abby Maher, Elaina White, Dr. Gwen Wollney, Amanda Anderson, Kelly Cordell, Dr. Jon Kemp,
Dr. Liz Deprez, Alicia Ferris, Dr. Keith Carlson, Dr. Fran Woodworth, Alana May,
Amandarae Falker, Emily Schwytzer, Alyssa Halle