Our Veterinarians will customize an anesthetic protocol for your pet based on their individual needs and any presurgical test results. We take into consideration several different things. The main factors are the surgical procedure being performed, your pets age, weight, health on the day of surgery, and any presurgical tests including blood work, x-rays or ultrasound. Once your pet is under anesthesia they are closely monitored by our licensed veterinary technicians using state of the art technology. Our monitoring equipment includes and ECG (cardiac rhythm), heart rate, pulse ox (oxygen saturation), temperature, respiratory rate and blood pressure. If there are any concerns with the patients anesthetic level the technician immediately notifies the veterinarian who then advises what treatment to do to keep the patient safe through the end of the procedure. Then, they are recovered from anesthesia in a warm, comfortable environment in close proximity to the technicians where they will continue to watch them through out the day.