Flea Collars: effective prevention or smelly jewelry?

What do we want from a flea collar?

  • Effectiveness: If the collar doesn’t really control the problem, why wear it?  Over the counter flea collars tended to be a weak weapon in the battle against fleas and ticks. The new Seresto collar by Bayer is different.  The Seresto collars have the same medication found in the spot-on product Advantage, but the medication is released at a lower constant level.  It also has a second component to prevent ticks from staying on or biting your pet.  The collar is effective for 8 months (5 months if your pet swims or is bathed frequently).
  • Safety: The medications in the Seresto collars are released at a very low constant rate, which gives us protection without heavy doses.  These medications affect the flea and tick nervous system with minimal ability to influence the cat, dog or human system.  This makes them very safe for us and very effective against the flea and tick.  Even if the collar is licked or chewed on it has minimal risk: if a dog ate the collar we would be more worried about physical blockage than drug exposure.  The collar also has a physical safety feature that allows it to come loose from the pet if it is caught on a branch or fence so the pet won’t hang himself.  One final plus, the collar has optional reflectors that can be attached to increase pet visibility at night.

Collars are a good option for some pets that tolerate wearing a collar and are outdoors a lot. There are many good options available at your Veterinary office.  At State Street Animal Hospital we are happy to discuss your pet’s risks and help you choose the best way to protect them from parasite pests.